Finding My Passion

I'm currently an editorial intern for The American Prospect who is studying in Washington, D.C., through the Washington Media Institute for the semester. Previously, I've worked for CHSAANow, 303 Magazine and CU Boulder. I also recently started a photography company with my best friend, Conner Davis.

My interest in journalism was prompted by my passion for writing, but, over the past few years, I've developed into a broadcast journalist, a designer and a photographer. I started my career in scholastic journalism writing movie reviews and blogging about hiking and camping; before long, I became an avid news junkie and realized how passionate I was about politics, education and holding power to account. 

My teachers, my internship supervisors and my peers have all taught me invaluable lessons over the past three years. I couldn't imagine a life in which I wouldn't have discovered my passion for journalism and everyday I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the world around me because of it.


My Info

Student, writer, photographer, news junkie, travel addict. 

"If your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon." Tom Stoppard