During my junior year, our senior advertising manager Jacob Cushatt did an amazing job selling space to various companies for our publication.

This year, we didn’t have anyone to fill his role.

In an attempt to do so, I recruited one of the senior DECA students from our school, Spencer Fairbarn, to take over ads. Despite having great business knowledge, his lack of experience caused a bit of a hiccup in actually selling a substantial amount of ads.

To compensate for the lack of advertisements from outside companies, a lot of space was used more effectively for Vista Now excerpts that can be found in the “Entrepreneurship” section of this portfolio. That aside, I also worked on advertisements for the Aerie yearbook and outside companies like Chick-fil-A.

Yearbook Advertising

Our yearbook’s theme this year was “elevate,” so most everything regarding it was related to the mountains.

The photo featured in this advertisement was taken by one of our sophomore staffers Aly Hoffman and is the photo we used to emboss the cover.


The fonts used on the advertisement, AYT Egyptienne and AYT Function, are the two fonts we used for headlines and subtitles in the yearbook. The opaque box present under the detailed text is also featured many times throughout the yearbook when captions are placed over photos (though it happens rarely).

The bow was placed over the photo because it came out in our holiday issue, so I needed a way to tie it in with the newsmagazine theme of celebration.

Professional Advertising

One of my junior co-editors, Austin Sack, is a team leader at the Chick-fil-A down the road from Mountain Vista. His connection made it easy to sell a profitable advertisement. The manager, Azim Khan, purchased a half-page, premium-placement advertisement for five issues.

The first advertisement Azim and I worked on together. The second time an advertisement for Chick-fil-A appeared in our paper was in the third issue of the Eagle Eye. Because the turn around from the second issue to the third was so quick, we never had time to meet. Instead, I designed this advertisement based off information I received. Azim didn’t have any corrections, so it was printed as is.

This was the original information I received from the Chick-fil-A manager via a Word Document.

After taking his text and photo, I added a little bit of holiday flare with the lights and placed a green border around the entire thing to separate it from the rest of the page.