Fostering community and fighting food scarcity in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood

This is a piece I co-wrote with one of my classmates, Rey-Lynn Little.

Westwood is Denver’s most densely populated community, but the neighborhood is void of a full-service grocery store. The only grocer is the Westwood Food Co-op: a small-scale, community-owned market that sits along Morrison Road.

There’s a basket of free kale placed at the door. Inside, the main room hosts a few racks of packaged food, a pile of produce baskets and a pair of freezers in the back for dairy, eggs and a small selection of meats. Behind the counter is Inda Vergara, a promotora for Re:Vision, the nonprofit organization that brought the co-op to the community in partial thanks to a $1.2 million performance-based loan from Denver’s Office of Economic Development. . . . read more


A change in scenery for the Hill

A new plan could reinvent the University Hill Plaza, a building on the Hill that houses 19 businesses. . . . read more


Run. Hide. Fight: How CU navigates the everyday risk of campus violence

Roommates Bella Zippo and Ruthie Gorrell were watching Netflix with friends in their dorm room on the second floor of Farrand Hall on the night of September 14 when the University of Colorado’s alert system sent a message notifying students of a “serious threat” in the building. The text told students “Stay in your rooms. RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.” 

Both of them looked at the text confused. What kind of threat? Gorrell went to her desk and grabbed her pepper spray. After they calmed down, the two of them went to ask their resident advisor what to do. . . . read more