Arguably the best thing about online reporting is the variety of outlets and options that exist for story telling. I've found that some of my favorites are Storify, ThingLink and infographics. 


Storify is a great tool for political reporting because it allows for an author to pull from other sources to recap an event.

When President Obama issued his eighth and final State of the Union, I live tweeted the event and later comprised a story on Storify to recap the night.

To see the full story, click here or on the photo below.

When two students at my high school threatened to commit acts of violence against staff and students, news stations all over the country took the story and ran with it in a multitude of different directions.

Recognizing the importance of the event, I comprised this Storify to combine all of the sources and stories into one place where they could be accessed by individuals looking for further information or analysis.

To view the story, click here.

Thing Link

Every year, National Signing Day is a huge deal at Mountain Vista because of the large number of collegiate athletes we have at our school.

This year, 22 students signed with various different colleges.

As part of coverage, I made this ThingLink with a panorama of the college commits and individual photos and statistics of each of them.

The ThingLink is below and the story on Vista Now can be accessed by clicking here.


As part of the coverage on Super Tuesday, we released both a Storify about the caucus at Mountain Vista and an infographic about the winners and losers of every state. 

I led the coverage for the Democratic output, interviewing first-time voters, student and caucus volunteers.