Though I was completely inexperienced and unskilled at videography going into the second semester of my junior year, I made it my goal to learn as much as I could about it seeing as the media is increasingly represented across short projects and features. Even when I’m doing research for homework or for my own self interest, I tend to lean towards video at times.

At the beginning of my senior year, I really started to bring video ideas to the table and learned how to use both Final Cut Pro and iMovie in a way that allowed me to make useful videos.

 A Learning Experience

This past fall, I went to my third national high school journalism convention in Orlando, Fla. Working with my best friend and co-editor-in-chief yet again, we composed this video about the magic of Disney. 

The project was not only amusing, but also informational. I knew that I could potentially edit video on my iPhone, but I never understood how easy it was to shoot, edit and record everything on my iOS device until we composed this 2-minute package in less than three hours.

Preventing a Tragedy

This piece was released as an informational promo about Text-A-Tip as well as a recap on recent events that shook Mountain Vista. Basically, two female, 16-year-old students were plotting to commit acts of violence against Vista’s students and faculty. A single individual who texted a tip prior to the incident was able to prevent it and both girls were taken into custody.

Accustomed to Violence

After we released the first video regarding Text-A-Tip, Savanah Howard and I went out and interviewed students, teachers, counselors, officers and our principal before creating this piece. It regards the indifference students show towards violence as a result of desensitization to violence.