All of the different platforms we use serve distinct purposes. Because Mountain Vista Media uses most major outlets, the reach of its content is immense. Below I’ve only highlighted stories from three of the platforms MVM uses: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More information regarding the general impact of social media throughout all of MVM’s platforms can be found in the “Entrepreneurship” section of this portfolio.


All of our stories redirect from Vista Now to Facebook so audience members can easily access and share the news. Facebook is also the main area where galleries are posted for various sporting and school events.

When a science teacher Jake Herman passed away, the news was broken to many via social media. The majority of the traffic to the story came from Facebook.

This photo gallery was comprised the day of the final four playoff soccer game. Mountain Vista, who was unseeded shortly before the start of playoffs, worked their way up to beat Arapahoe and move on to take second in state.


Snapchat is my absolute favorite way of communication. It’s quick, easy and, most importantly, extremely useful.

The relaxed environment of Snapchat, given the audience is nearly completely composed of students, allows me to have some fun covering the games.

This story was captured at our home basketball game against Highlands Ranch High School.


Twitter is the best place to get out any news, whether it’s clubs, academics or athletics.

To set up club pictures for the yearbook, we mass emailed all club sponsors. To get the word out to students, we used social media.

This score report after the Fossil Ridge game features a photo of junior Isaac Essien that I took standing at the end of the tunnel. On top of this Tweet, Mountain Vista Media gave score updates and information throughout the entire game.

To get the final word out about the state championship assembly, this Tweet was sent out to the public with the time and basic info.


Instagram is the epitome of student life reporting because it’s such an easy place to tell little stories.

After the Senior Sunrise, we posted one photo of the senior class on Instagram. A gallery was also later added to Vista Now.

Telling stories HONY style on Instagram is one of the simplest things to do. For this photo, I just asked the first kid I saw to tell me who his hero was. After talking for a while, he gave me this quote about his dad.