Social Media

Because our audience, parents and teachers aside, is predominantly teen-aged students, social media has arguably acted as the most prominent aspect of our reporting.

Currently, Vista Now is on seven platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Snapchat.


Facebook acts much like WordPress in allowing a publisher to view statistics regarding post success. The popularity we face on Facebook is far higher than the popularity we face on For example, though the powderpuff football gallery only received 142 views on Vista Now, it received over 3.5 thousand on Facebook.

Facebook is the most popular place for us to post photos. Whenever a gallery is posted on Vista Now, it’s often transferred to Facebook as well for easier accessibility for students and parents.

Facebook has massively improved their technology for media in recent years. It has become, in and of itself, a massive news outlet for independent publishers.

Whenever we post anything, particularly photos, Facebook tracks the amount of people who the post reaches and the number of people who directly interact with it. This allows us to judge the newsworthiness of different pieces and work towards providing our audience with what they want.

To further explore the impact of a post, more details are provided past just post reach and clicks. The poms league tournament that I photographed was one of the more popular events of the year with 42 likes and nearly 1.4 thousand clicks.


Twitter is probably our most active platform of social media. We use it to advertise our program and as a way to gain student perspective through polls and questions.

Because we have substantially more Twitter followers than we have Snapchat friends, I thought it would be a good idea to tweet out our Snapchat handle to encourage everyone to follow us on every platform. I used Twitter’s setting to pin a tweet to consistently keep this one at the top of our feed.

Whenever the newsmagazine comes out, we release an advertisement on Twitter and Instagram to encourage students to grab a copy and read it or take it home.

We’ve released many polls to our followers. They’re a quick, simple way to gain knowledge about the community we’re covering. This poll was composed by one of the Intro to Journalism students who conducted his final project on sleep habits of high schoolers at Mountain Vista. Because I had written on the subject before and interviewed various individuals regarding it, I helped him to post his inquiry to Vista Now’s Twitter and offered to assist him in finishing his story.


Up until this year, Tumblr was the platform we utilized to push out our version of Humans of New York, Faces of Vista. Because many felt Tumblr wasn’t as popular of a platform, we eradicated it and transferred our work to Instagram.

This photo I captured at the homecoming assembly in 2014 was one of the most popular student life posts on Instagram from the year.


Unfortunately, in the process of transferring Faces of Vista to Instagram, we lost all content from our original Tumblr. Faces of Vista was one of my biggest areas of interest during my sophomore and junior years. One of my photographs taken during Halloween 2014 even appeared in the JEA’s magazine.

The photo I took of Noah was only one of many images I put up during Halloween. Along with great photo opportunities, many of the quotes I received while roaming the halls (such as Noah’s “I’m a hamburger chef”) were comical and the audience just ate them up.

Published: Communication: Journalism Education Today. Volume 48, Issue 4. Page 37. Summer 2015.

Now, instead of using it as a photo blog, we use Tumblr as a way to push out all of our stories to another broader audience on a new platform. My personal blog has just over 500 followers, so when I reblog posts from our website that have a broader impact, I increase the reach of our work.


To encourage people to download and use Snapchat, and to follow Vista Now, I designed a GeoFilter for my school.

Using mountains for "A"s went along with the yearbook theme, as did the line beneath the text.

This logo displays in the bottom of the screen whenever someone is using Snapchat at Mountain Vista or on any of the athletic fields. 


We, as in both Mountain Vista Media and Vista Now Video, are inching closer and closer to putting everything out on YouTube. Currently, all of our PSAs and features or promos go up on the Vista Now YouTube account. The only thing we don’t push out on the platform is our live broadcasts, even though YouTube now has an option to do so.

Below is a shorter video project done by myself and my co-editor Savanah Howard that acted as a short PSA on how Text-A-Tip was able to prevent a tragedy from happening at Mountain Vista.