The Concepts


CMCI 1010: Communication

CMCI 1020: Information

Communication, information and media help constitute the social worlds we live in.

The data we collected painted a "picture" for anyone observing it, but it wasn't necessarily accurate. In the same way, the information we're given on a day-to-day basis doesn't always give us the full story. Unless we check multiple primary and secondary sources, it's hard to test and argue the validity of information.

This graphic shows the words my group used to describe the memories versus the word's the contributors used. The words in the lighter font are the words from our data collection while the bolded words are from the contributors. The different sizes of the words represent how often they were used.

Information can be transformed into practical, ethical and aesthetic art. 

Without this information, I never would've heard the stories of all of the contributors. Each story in and of itself was its own form of art – my only responsibility was coaxing them to share. 

The graphic above represents the colors present in every photo.