These Are Their Stories

Although we anonymized the photos, marking them with data rather than studying their importance, each photo had an impact on its donor. This is what the photos were through their eyes, rather than in our words. 

"Image F"

Sky. Blue. Nebraska. Content.

"Image F" was submitted by Conner Davis. It pictures him and his girlfriend at the edge of Nebraska during one of their first road trips out of the state.


"Image G"

Warm. Yellow. Sunset. Active.

"Image G" was submitted by Rachel Boyce. The photo was taken on her sister's 16th birthday, just a few days before Rachel left for college.


"Image H"

None. Neutral. Dog. Content.

"Image H" was submitted by Kristin Ji Oh. It's a picture she took of her 12-year-old dog while at her home.


"Image I"

Smiling. Laughing. Friends. Joy.

"Image I" was submitted by Nathaniel Nash. It shows him and his best friend, Keely, getting coffee downtown. Nash and Keely became best friends (or "boyfriend and girlfriend") after meeting in their high school media program.


"Image J"

Smiling. Laughing. Friends. Joy.

"Image J" was submitted by Aabriti Shrestha. It's a photo of a rare occasion when she's able to go out with her friends from high school.