The 2016 Aerie yearbook was practically the first place I had any experience with design. Because Gabe Rodriguez designed almost all of the book last year, I turned to him and other previous editors for some advice in designing this year’s pages.


I created the winter break spread after gaining plenty of experience with both Monarch and InDesign, so I was able to focus on properly fitting content and matching the theme. 

Published: Aerie Yearbook. Volume 15. Pages 72 & 73. Date upcoming.


The dividers in the 2016 yearbook directly correlated with both our theme (elevate) and the seasons, depending on what kind of divider it was.

All of our season dividers featured photos of the mountains to match up with our theme. I took this photo while driving to school from my brother’s house in Littleton. Using pull colors from the photo, I made a table of contents for the season.

Published: Aerie Yearbook. Volume 15. Pages 16 & 17. Date upcoming.

The sport, club and academic spreads all looked fairly similar to this one I designed. The layout allows for every sport to be addressed while the mountains divide the page, correlate with the elevate theme and provide room for quotes from players.

Published: Aerie Yearbook. Volume 15. Pages 33 & 34. Date upcoming.

Published: Aerie Yearbook. Volume 15. Pages 33 & 34. Date upcoming.

Scores of the Season

The scores of the season mod appeared on every sports page and was a nice unifying, theme-related factor in the sport section of our yearbook. I got the idea after hearing our adviser suggest some kind of sidebar for all of the spreads. Although this only carried over throughout the sport pages, another editor developed a sidebar for the tier-one club pages.

Published: Aerie Yearbook. Volume 15. Sports pages. Date upcoming.